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AUSTRALIA - DAY ONE - Getting There: Portland and Honolulu

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As usual we try to break the long journey up into smaller steps and use that opportunity to visit family if possible. So the first stop on the way was Portland, Oregon where our son lives.

A full day to get there with a layover in Dallas, TX and an upgrade to first class for the last 5 hours to Portland was welcome as despite being Christmas Day, the planes were jam packed.

We spent two somewhat chilly days visiting with Chris and his wife, Terri in their new home. We had a great time hanging out, sampling the great food carts that Portland has, touring the countryside.

We did run into some peacocks hanging out next to a country road in the snow.

Our last evening in Portland was spent have a fabulous dinner with Terri's parents - they live on a small farm and Wendy got to sit on a vintage tractor and I got to see the largest personal collection of over and under shot guns I have ever seen in one gun safe!

Then it was time for the airport again to hop on a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii where we are currently.

We arrived at noon, rented a car and just drove around the East end of the island for a while.

While we have been to Honolulu before it was almost 20 years ago so it is fun to be back and spend a couple days here.

We booked a hotel in Waikiki which is comfortable enough. It is peak season in Hawaii so there are tourons (tourist morons) everywhere!


View from one of the roads we drove on late afternoon.

View from our hotel overlooking the mountains.

Lunch was tuna and crab poke from a local market. Awesome!

So a good start to the trip, much more pictures tomorrow as we have a full day planned!